Jan 7, 2015


Rowing the little vallom through the backwaters of Alappey. Throwback Thursday from September 2014.

Dec 24, 2014


From 2014

Where should I begin about 2014? 
It was such a bittersweet year-a total mixed one; with precious gains and unimaginable losses. Gains so like coarse honey and losses that last a lifetime. It seemed so true when people say that as you gain so shall you loose. But with 2014, there was no beginning or an end.

Rewinding is not a good idea. But at this juncture when a new year is dawning, I need to sit back and re-look at what I have gone through, what I cherish, what I miss, what to keep close, what to not let go!

1) Love came by my way; and I knew when I met that soul

2) Lost two most important people from my life: and I never expected them to vanish so soon: grandma and grandpa. Always stay etched in my heart you two, and bless us from where you are.

3) took up a new job, closer to specializing in my area. Feels better.

4) My own home. decorating it, being with it, living in it.

5) Got an opportunity to travel to Alappey; wanted to, since long. Houseboats, valloms and God of small things mega-rushed into my brain.

7) Wrote a book: being appreciated on it just makes my day, every day.

8) Started to design icons on a regular basis.

9) Started the building blocks of the second book; may take some time, with what I have in mind.

10) Learnt to cook sambar! YES! been on the hit-list that, and it was time, I mastered it.

11) Started actually dedicating my time to learning CSS + HTML. It's tough, I'll not lie, but hey, what isn't?

12) developing a weird taste for coffee. Really weird. 

13) Started my own new garden; 5-6 plants now. On the run for a terrarium now. Soon. Soon.

14) Traveled to Yercaud. It was OK but needed the break.

15) Learning to bake. Cinnamon rolls, Boom!

Let's figure what 2015's got to give. Hoping for love and peace. Praying that it be so.
Have an exceptionally awesome 2015.

Oct 7, 2014

ഒരു പിടി ഓർമകളും വാടിയ പൂക്കളും

അച്ഛമ്മേ ... എന്തിനാ എന്നെ വിട്ടു പോയത്? എന്നെ ഇഷ്ടമല്ലായിരുന്നു അല്ലെ?
എനിക്ക് അച്ച്ചമ്മയോടുള്ള  ഇഷടം കുറഞ്ഞു പോയി എന്ന് തോന്നിത്തുടങ്ങിയിരുന്നു അല്ലെ? അവസാനങ്ങൾ അടുത്തപ്പോൾ ഞാൻ ഇല്ലായിരുന്നു അല്ലെ? ഞാൻ പറഞ്ഞതല്ലേ ഞാൻ ഉടനെ വരുമെന്ന്? വന്നു കാണുമെന്ന്? പകുതി ബോധവുമായി കിടക്കുമ്പോൾ അച്ഛമ്മക്ക്‌ ഞാൻ നെറ്റിമേൽ തന്ന ഒരു പിടി ഉമ്മകൾ സാക്ഷി; എനിക്ക് തരാൻ സ്നേഹം മാത്രം ബാക്കി......

അച്ഛമ്മ ഉള്ളത് കൊണ്ട് മാത്രം ഞാൻ സ്നേഹിക്കപ്പെട്ടവളായി.  എനിക്ക് കൊതി തോന്നുന്നതെല്ലാം ഞാൻ കഴിച്ചു... ഞാൻ കരയുമ്പോൾ, എന്റെ കരച്ചിൽ കണ്ട് വിഷമം തോന്നി കരയുന്ന ഒരാളേ ഉണ്ടായിരുന്നുള്ളൂ, അച്ഛമ്മ. എന്റെ  കണ്ണീർ തുടച്ചു തന്ന് മുഖം കഴുകി തരുമ്പോൾ,  എത്ര മ്രുദുവായവ എന്ന് ഞാൻ ആശ്ച്ചര്യപ്പെടാറുള്ള അച്ഛമ്മയുടെ കൈവെള്ള ഒരിക്കൽ കൂടി കൈയിലെടുത്തു മുഖം അമർത്തി കരയണം എനിക്ക്. കരഞ്ഞു തീർക്കണം എനിക്ക്.

എന്റെ കൈ പിടിച്ചു ഡാൻസ് ക്ലാസ്സിലേക്ക് എന്നെ കൊണ്ടുപോയിരുന്ന അച്ഛമ്മ. എന്റെ പല്ല് പറിചപ്പോൾ വേദന കൊണ്ട് പുളഞ്ഞ എനിക്ക് ഐസ് ക്രീം വാങ്ങി തന്ന എന്റെ അച്ഛമ്മ.

ഞാൻ സ്കൂൾ വിട്ടു വരുന്നതും കാത്ത് എന്തെങ്കിലും പലഹാരം ഉണ്ടാക്കി, സ്കൂളിലെ വിശേഷങ്ങൾ അന്വേഷിച്ചു, അനിയത്തിയെയും ഒക്കത്ത് ഇരുത്തി  ഊട്ടി,  ഉമ്മറത്ത് കാത്ത് നില്ക്കുന്ന അച്ഛമ്മയെ എനിക്ക് ഒന്ന് കൂടി കാണണം. ഒന്ന് കെട്ടിപിടിക്കണം. ഉമ്മ തരണം.

ഞാൻ എത്ര ഫോണ്‍ വിളിച്ചാലും, വിളിച്ചില്ല എന്നാ പരാതിയുമായി എന്നും എന്നോട് പരിഭവം പറയാറുള്ള അച്ഛമ്മ .... ഞാൻ ഇനി ആരെ ഫോണ്‍-il  വിളിക്കും ?  ആര്ക്ക് വേണ്ടി മധുരപലഹാരങ്ങൾ വാങ്ങും? ആരുമില്ല. വീട്ടിൽ ഇന്ന്, ഈ നേരത്ത്, ആരുമില്ല. ശൂന്യം.

അച്ഛമ്മയും ഞാനും. 

Sep 17, 2014


Very recently, I went on a houseboat at Alappey with my handsome bestie. 
The journey was calm, much needed in dosage and the experience was sweet and serene.
water, boats, daily life, bridges, kettuvalloms, canals, trees, glorious food tasting, awing at the size of lobsters, wading ducks, rowing a boat, paddy fields and the calm punnamada lake.

look ahead the tattered bridge.

slightly different, the angle.

fancy them skies

house. boat and trees

pazhampori (banana fritters) and tea.

life's this way
just get into my mouth already, sexy!
This was all mine safely, because my company was a fraud iyer boy

sauted and boiled veggies. just good.

cabbage sabji
a little kitty awes at the fishes she might get her luck on!
daily life | kuttanad.
Punnamada lake and houseboats was much needed. I also waded through the water on a small boat, rowing across the vast 'kaayal' (lake), sheepishly looking at the life outside. May be I'll visit with my family next time. Sure that sounds.

Aug 25, 2014

Aug 6, 2014

Awesome Secularism. Awesome World and Real Humanity

Lately there has been hells broken loose everywhere, all over the world.
At one area when there is bombings happening towards and against, a much larger part of the world, Protests against it, because it is always about a religion that always suffers. 
I witnessed a poster procession recently near where I work, that shouted ' End Israel occupation in Gaza'. Never did it read 'End the missile launches by Hamas' or 'Stop Hamas from human shielding'. It didn't even read 'Stop atrocities and murders all over the world', because yea, the focus needs to be only on Gaza. They're human, the rest of them are smoke. Why do secularists forget to ridicule the other side of the coin that which is equally responsible for death of people? 

Why, isn't Hamas equally responsible for killing humans? Lately, they'eve been doing Just that. What, Israelis aren't humans to respond to a potential threat to their lives as this time it was from the Hamas side the first rocket was launched since 2012? 

Don't believe me? Check this.

I am an atheist, I have no religion. I have humanity, in strong, and not the selective one, that the FAD called Secularism follows lately in India. Accept, that it is a FAD nowadays that it is so tight-lipped about general inhuman atrocities, but when it comes to a 'particular faith' there's all hue and cry.

I refuse to call myself secular if it means to only focus on one. Since when did Humanity become Pick and choose?
As it focuses on only one side, it makes it more selective and hypocritical, standing right against the gist of humanity. Humanity, Equality and secularism means protest against ALL atrocities, sans borders, colours, languages and faiths, and not pick and choose from a basket of bleeding mangoes. Sorry, that's as good as communal propaganda, and is not secularism.

So, I made a poster here, that shows, what all Secularism and the -ists (at least in India) conveniently ignore, while focussing on one religion that they feel is marginalized. When in reality, in the name of that faith, those atrocities that are done and is completely deliberately wiped out of memories, because we feel like it.


Jul 14, 2014

Dhe! Malayali

I have been drawing caricatures lately.
Back to the good ol' habbit of drawing that I am in,  I decided to bring back my own scribble book and start up! I need inspirations to draw further more, although here in this one I gave it dedicatedly to my semi roots.

Dhe! Malayali series is about a few malayalis and their most likely attires, jobs, names and culture. Not saying much, but you can always see!

All images under copyright of Gsnair88 and shall not be reproduced.

Apr 11, 2014

Now in week.

What has been happening?

Life had been adding salt and pepper for a long time. It got monotonous and boring. Dull and irritating. Then it turned in the sliced lemons and made it tangy. I drank it down with Vodka. For a while, the tanginess was much needed. Curious enough, but life surprised me, yet more.

It began pouring honey. Coarse honey. Although I get salt and pepper thrown into my eyes every now and then occasionally, the honey I gulp down my throat, the very same honey that life has given me, I can't part with.

awesome seafood platter - I had with a friend Meera last day. This Lunch was so yum, that I had to click a photo of it!

Spinach Steak and flavoured rice!

Writing about Streets and travel! My favourite thing to do!

I have been extensively writing for The World Reporter's Travel section. And I enjoy every bit of the writing process and sharing my photographs. I have always wanted be a  travel writer and fulfilling my dream step- by step. 

Reading: Reading has taken a slight backseat. However, I am reading The Cleft by Dorris Lessing. It can be called a book from the feminist angle slightly. But, since I am just reading through, I'd rather not judge.

Have a great week ahead!

Apr 10, 2014

Cheats called FAB BAG

A friend vents her anger at a CHEAP SHITTY SERVICE called the Fab Bag, that doesn't deserve any praise. Let's see what she writes!

Tell me after looking at this picture.

Does this count for in any angle, any way for a whopping 599/- , okay round up, 600/- INR?

These are, let me explain, the infamous and shitty FAB BAG products I received after subscribing to their crap of a claim.

To be honest, I never thought I'd be duped like this. But then I have to post what Mamta, the head of that cheater company, had written to be after I wrote to her my displeasure of having received sub par drugstore items and nothing to do with what I paid for. 

I had got 

1) Cetaphil moisturiser and Cleanser lotion - samples- drugstore items that I can buy off the pharma store right opposite my lane.

2) Vivel - with an expiry date of May 2014 - and something that is absolutely rejected by every single woman I know. (Kareena Kapoor endorses it, she gets paid craploads, we know!) 

3) Tommy G Lipstick - slightly fine, but does NOT suit the Indian skin tone with it's ridonculous Neon Orangish-pink shade.

However, Mamta Aunty writes,

Hi ********** - We are extremely sad to hear that you dint like the products which were allotted to you.
Our customization team surely puts in lot of efforts to send in best and closest three products according to the questionnaire.You have made the payment for three months subscription, we surely dint want to ruin your subscription experience with us as we surely dint want it to be like thisAs per the policy we wont be able to refund your amount for March bag but can cancel and refund the amount for the coming months bag ie 1499-599=900 will be refunded.
Will surely hope that you will give it another chance and not cancel the subscription.
The second point makes me fume in disgust at her sheer audacity to justify the kind of awful service. Had it been the case as she has written, I'd get products according my questionnaire I gave them filled. Nope. That wasn't the case. and aunty Mamta wouldn't herself use any of the products they had sent me, and I am not keen to waste my money on the horrible/ waste company. They're just going to run down soon!

Good riddance, that I am NOT GOING TO SUBSCRIBE to this SHIT. 

Mar 28, 2014

River Thy!

Ahoy! the mighty Tungabhadra! Let me make my way waves and live upto bliss.
Cradle me in your palms, touch my hair, enlighten me, blow me a kiss
Let me churn your splendid waters, and play and be enthralled on your lap
for its my wish for long that it has been and can't swap.

A journey through Tundabhadra; once in 2010.

New journeys coming up. Soon. Indulge me.

Mar 24, 2014

and work matters, they say.

This time over, I am sharing an excellent example of unprofessionalism from REAL LIFE, which I encountered and probably, had I not have had 3 years of professional experience/ had I been the newly passed out naive graduate, would have fallen for and bam bam bam, be cheated. 

So, I get a collaboration request/ work inquiry in mail as a design consultant from a 'very famous' company (as they claim it) 'P**** S***********, at 7:00 pm one Saturday. I am curious and I always look forward to designing. 
I read the mail I got and decide i need time to think about it. i do not reply immidiately because I don't think that I should jump before I think, in my profession, taking up everything and not being able to deliver anything at all. So, at 5:00 am the next day (ahem, a.m and unprofessional identity numero uno), I get a mail  from the same guy that demands that I 'start work immediately' and 'awaiting my reply soon', 'ASAP', etc; a kind of insisting a forced employment. I had my doubts but yet, I reply positively inquiring more on the kind of work and requesting him to send me a job brief of my tasks. 
He does not send any contract or brief of job but instead requests my number to 'discuss over phone'. Ok, that's alright, although I prefer mail contact if I haven't met one. But he doesn't stop there. Instead maintaining a professional code of ethics (use of words, and addressing) I get bombarded by phone calls in just hours of my reply that asks me to 'come online now', 'I have to discuss something important', on a sunday afternoon. I really don't mind that. I love my job, I will.
What pissed me off most importantly was this; he sends a mail as I go online, that has a long word doc that describes the 'PROJECT' i have to accomplish, wireframes and visual design work [ For 10 effing webpages, yikes!], and all this even before I sign any form contract/ even before I get a job description for my designation but only with his terms of work (again, no contract whatsoever) in blatant mail text. 

quote: 'Rules and Regulation
1. I need copyright free work comparable to top websites like facebook or twitter or behance or any other inspiration given [I LOLed at this one, classic!]
2. Watermark with copyright symbol and send me the Jpeg. Once approved you can send me the PSD. If we take the PSD only then a payment is done.' 
[unpro ka baap, numero duo]

No advance for my effort, nothing. 
I see. Hmmm. 

So, I reply stating that 'I would need an advance payment after I send the jpeg which could be half of the entire compensation, to make it fair, for my time and valuable effort and keeping in mind certain bitter experiences I have faced before. Also in case of need of task flows (etc) additionally, that will increase the compensation provided, accordingly'. I say that because it is perfectly legitimate; because, you see, the last time I checked, no task-flow, nothing; nothing is made out of air. Every work in the creative field requires thinking, and a lot of effort, patience and appreciation. 

And this he sends in reply, wait for it, for my request that he pays me an amount for my time and effort.

'I am not sure if I would like to recruit you or have you work as a consultant.'

I ask an advance after I send the jpg, and he pees in his feeble brains. Urrrmm then what about my time and effort, mr. invasion?! 
As though there is no effort AT ALL, to make a design and send jpeg for 10 web pages. I simply thought that his attitude was Plain Selfish and nothing close to a professional work ethic. I would do any design for my friends in a heartbeat, I know them well and they, I can turn back to. But this, was an utter disgrace to call a work culture with a man, who even before setting a contract with a professional, demands valuable time and effort from her for no payment, unless approval of the final design, which he'll juice out of me if he likes changes in the design. As though any designer has no life and he's free to work, no matter what time of the day it is!

Honestly, my immediate reaction was NOT, 'oh, there goes a good opportunity' but instead, I was actually relieved, 'thank heavens that sh*t is gone'; as I was smiling when I thought about how I was saved. 
Companies and people like that, please. Do not go to designers thinking design is an easy word/ world, if it were, you'd design and that. You don't. So make it fair and keep it straight and neat. Get a contract and work diligently, eloquently. Stop being an a*sehole.
I have worked with startups that have been extremely well informed and professional in the way they deal - even if they didn't like my work, they definitely compensated for my effort and time. And that too, a good amount from the entire compensation offered. 
But this, this is shame. 

If you think this is just another boring rant, please feel free to ignore. but I had to share this; of nonsenses one puts up with, as a design enthusiast. I imagine this to be a fair world, but it isn't. 

Major thing missed: He was the CEO of the company. OK.

image source

Mar 3, 2014

Loss of Words

How much I miss you, every day! I know you are smiling there!

Feb 10, 2014

You are remembered.

I wish I could update something happy, but people leave happiness behind too, amidst the tears, as they leave this earth. Don't we love what they teach us and the memories like fresh paint? Rest in Peace.


I have never ever written a letter to you ever before. But now, I want to. It might be late, but I know you'll forgive me for that.

I want you to know that you are always going to be there in my memories, etched for ever. You were an integral part of my childhood and life after that, as you guarded me, accompanying me to my music class and tuitions, buying me chocolates on demand, enlightening me with your experience in the boiler room of a ship and giving me a wonderful lesson on patience.

You gave no one any trouble until now and I have always wondered how you managed to get the physical strength you had until the age of 93. 

Hard labour. Tough childhood. Strong hands. Rough seas and a Sweet tooth. Easy End. Lucky man.

Although physically I will miss you around me, your presence is still there - in your suitcase, clothes hanging on the peg, the smell of fresh Dettol, the coin purse and valuable 'materials' you treasured with so much care. 
Your mind's strength to not sit idle, even if you're unwell - has taught me a lot - I can emulate your characteristics in my daily life and I thank you for teaching me that.

I thankyou - for advising me to be calm at adversities, for showing us that being well- read is so crucial, for buying your grand daughters sweets when you went out for a shave and a haircut, for chanting away as life put you in near death situations, to wish minimum in life and not be greedy, to be the active best you can.

Achacha! how precious you remain!
I love you. For Ever.

A year back. he smiles, like this. even now. Pic- Gauri

Sure he doesn't miss his daily newspaper wherever he is! Pic- Gauri

Jan 19, 2014

found mine!

Let's just say, I have been someone who never believed in the word called love. Don't get me wrong, as the manifestations of love and its forms are multiple, and that I know and reckon that -- like the love between a daughter and her parents, the love that exists between two sisters or siblings, friends and relatives and the like. But although all that, I wasn't still sure of the love between a man and a woman that the advertising companies exploit so much and feed on, that the deo, greeting card, diamond, cake companies, archies and 'you name it' thrive on.

It was an absurdity to me - falling in love with a man; a man who I can proudly call mine. And myself, his.
As many around me, committed and bonded, spoke of their better halves in pink words or as I saw, PDAs in full throttle on roads and parks, I had still no hopes whatsoever, that my better half did exist.

And sooner, may be violins did start sounding in the background, along with saxophones as stars glowed up in the moonlit sky. Probably the wind was musical, merry and fragrant and knowing all that as it approaches me, was my biggest discovery to self. May be love did have manifestations that I didn't want to believe in.
At this juncture, I can proudly say, there is an emotion that makes me want what I was waiting all this life.

Nov 26, 2013

getting back up

Life wasn't nice to me lately. There were problems at work, diseases hounding in on me, people had begun to become shady and annoying, the world was not making sense at all and I was pushed into all of it, at once.
There were occasions when all I wanted to do was run away from the maddening crowd and vexing world into a safe zone, home, a hearth and absorb and endorse silence. 

My never- ending chest congestion was taking a toll on my appetite, I began eating erroneously, not eating at all sometimes, stopped going to swim or jog which I used to swear by before, I stopped music in my life, stopped traveling, quit reading and tore a few precious books in utter rage at myself. I began distancing from my own folks who I value the most, although they never let me go. The brain truly was crazy working up there. Nothing was helping me and I desperately wanted to end that phase. That phase truly sucked. There were no interventions or escapades. I just had to deal with it.

But one day my view on this changed. Toppled over. And that too, the eye opener was no human. It was a stray dog. I had a pack of Parle-G in my bag when I was driving that day and I stopped at a traffic signal towards a corner of the road. everyone switched off their vehicles and waited. There were two dogs on the footpath, near my side, one with no hind-legs, suffering the pain, a sad female and the other a puppy, around may be 2 months of age, probably its own, that crouched right next to it. Brown beautiful dogs. Both looked really hungry and dispossessed. The little dog raised it's nose and looked at me, eyes full of dismay when it sensed that I was looking at them. I remembered my parle G for an instance and opened my bag to it. Sensing the sound of food, the pup strutted close by as I laid a biscuit on the ground for it to fetch. Only when it came close did I realize that it had a clean film of glaucoma over it's eyeballs and naturally had come close to be only with the smell of food around me. There were 30 seconds left on the counter of the signal. The pup, to my surprise did not gobble up the biscuit, instead, cupping it in its mouth, runs back and drops it in front of its crippled mother. After dropping it, the little thing comes back to me again with visionless- hungry eyes, a wagging tail and the eagerness for food. I decided that I give the entire packet to it. As though in utter gratefulness, it bows its head, sniffs the packet and takes it to its mother, again for her. Not just that I teared in the corners of my eyes, but also a pang in my heart. 

The dogs instead of enjoying their bounty and gobbling the food down, snuggled at each other and licked each other as though their presence was valuable than a day's meal. The food wasn't important for them, I think, their love towards each other was.
And then I realized, its better to do those things I truely enjoy in life than curse life at what it throws at me. 

If I don't do what I have to do, even if it is for self, who else is going to do it? 

I then buckled back up in no time, began taking things positive. So what if I have a chest issue? Why give my heart and soul to it when it is NOT a priority? Which means I can take leave off work, go home and be closer to parents, share my love with them, read books, travel a bit may be, swim/ jog in my convenience and eat healthy, good food. 

My work can wait. And even though it is my passion, I can utilize this recusal to improve myself there; read journals and articles, watch movies that intrigue me, learn some language or play with a pet.

Trust me, I did just that. It works because you have a proof from me as well ; The book I published. Achieve what you have to, let no state of the body force you otherwise. 

Julie, the brown pretty dog who comes by home everyday, and waits for that love.
What animals teach!

Nov 19, 2013

publishing a book.

I wrote a book.

Yes. I published the damn thing. I wanted to publish a book in so long a time trust me, the wait was fair enough. 
It is a collection of short stories. and these stories might NOT be the best in the world. You might find them really weird. However, they might touch a chord with you somewhere, because I wrote it with my heart strands. And as for the book, love is the base on which it's been made.
Fair enough, right? Wish me Luck!

Buy it here if you'd love to! 

Nov 11, 2013

revolutions and reactions.

Haven't you heard of Pussy Riot?

They're these really awesome bunch of women who are very vocal about things they stand for and first to protest any development politically that they dislike. Based out of Moscow, Russia, no prizes in guessing why this group caught my attention.
Russia has an extensive and fascinating history, but as a generation galloping towards change in ideals, these girls use music and dance in well crafted lyrics to put forth their point. Currently they aren't happy with Mr.Putin's regime. So they go singing a punk prayer song at this really old Christian church (very orthodox), that spoke, mocking Putin and his regime, claiming mother Mary and the Virgin being anti Putin.
The funniest bit about this church being the fact that the patriarchal priests were chanting a prayer of a blessed womb and a blessed wife, and yet refuse women to be sermonizing at the altar. They claim that these girls would've been burnt if it were the 16th century (not anymore, grow up), calling them witches and devils (the idea of burning another human, as though has got nothing to do with being devilish).

The song below which these girls sang and that sounds super duper cool, if you ask me; despite the tattered Russian I know. Now, just for singing this song, the girls face a bleak future. 3 years of imprisonment that has gone overboard with one accused already missing from the Siberian jail where she was put.

This BBC documentary below on this event that unfolded, which also show some priests who HATE women not following men, while halfheartedly praising a woman's super awesome womb. Hypocrisy, much?!

That's Nadia, she's cool.

So scared of some women singing at your altar? Fearing that this action might bring down the foundations of your faith? Then why believe in such a farce at all?

I had enough reasons to believe in Mary Magdelene and The Da Vinci Code, but the fear I saw on the faces of those priests, on the ideology of these women, just cemented the facts I harbored doubts on.  

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Nov 6, 2013

Food for thought

Some extra effort has been put on at work these days. And that effort is growing on me. This realization dawned to me as I sat in a junk pizza place munching one of those cheesy bastards, hot and nice with mushrooms on it, waiting for a friend.

It occurs to me that we, literally, throughout our lives, live celebrating our food. I am not someone who instagrams my food the moment I set my eyes on it, but I do click the food that actually makes a difference to me at a particular instance. For example, if I am tired, I cook some lemon rice with some mint chutney and since at that moment it is my comfort food, I record it in my phone, don't post it anywhere. Or if I am on a train and as hungry as a mad dog, I click those parippvadas just because they gave me my piece of pleasure I so wanted. Record to remind. So, now I added instagram filters to my food-photos and man do they look nice!

I just rummaged through my phone and I find that I have tons of such Food pictures!
Sharing is caring, right? So I am posting all of them here. I have no reason to do so other than the fact that for us humans, happiness/ satisfaction/ appreciation/ celebration is expressed primarily by food; throughout cultures.

The Bestest Bisibelebath, Vangikolambu (sabji of brinjal), 
pomegranate seeds and cucumber salad.
A friend's mother cooks the BEST Iyengar food. 

You see my drool already? Damn!

At a restaurent near Tirunelveli, where they served us authentic Chettinad thali. 
Zwoop down my throat

Gorgeous thing, aka Telicherry Biriyani that my uncle cooks and I swear by!

Gulab jamuns, come right into my mouth. At an event, I ate these for free.


The same event, had a gorgeous buffet spread. This was my greedy plate; whiteforest cake, pudding and jamuns!

Yes, I bit that entire pudding, I don't plead guilty.

This was malaimurg methi tandoored and some kulchas. 
*doing a bhangda just to please my tummy god.

Cabbage soup. Still food. 

Chicken vindaloo, Ashvem, Goa.


Nuggesty paniyarams; they are a gift to the world; Madurai 

Breakfast one day;
Brown bread toasts, Egg with oregano and 
boiled and roasted cheese-filled sausages 
(don't ask me where I get bizarre things from, 
let's just say my tummy really thanked me that day); 
Bardez Goa

Pomegranate seeds! I fancy them. They're nice as a snack. Even at midnight

Freaky penne pasta (That was a flour overdose)

Meduvadai, Idlis and generous pouring of sambar with some yellow kesari.
Brahmin wedding breakfast

Kisses, right into the heart. Gifts from a friend

Banana chips piled against some condiments. Streets, Trivandrum

Crazy Nasty INR7-ed home made ice creams at Kamat's Gokarna

Dahipuri from Anand's Sweets, Commercial Street

Shrimp Spaghetti pasta in white sauce

See those pink prawns? Prawn pizza yo!

Spiced Rice, Pineapple salad, and RED THAI CURRY. fish. Heaven.

The Awesome unlimited thali at Ahmdabad. It just didn't end.

Birthday Cake 2013, amigos!

Mushroom ka baap pizza with cheese and olives.
I know that those greek gods up in heaven were so jealous
that I just didn't share this baby!

Chicken Tandoor Pizza - Cafe Xtasi, Pondi

Chicken Junglee sandwich ( kinda junglee, not so)

Blueberry cheesecake (baked) that a friend gifted -
Birthday Cake duex.
Sorry that the color looks pink here, stupid flash,
but it was actually a deep purple + burgundy.

Want more? Okay. here. Phew. But wait, let me wipe that drool off my chin! 

soft sponge cakes. I can eat a 50 minimum. 

Smartypants whiteforest cakes. You guys!

Salad greens- lookie at those veggies! Slurp!

Breakfast once:
Honeyloops in cold milk, Dosa, Spinach and soybean mix in mayo(my own recipe),
scrambled eggs with salt. Good for the day!

Singapore Rice and below you have fish slices in the weirdest of Oyster sauce.
It still tasted pretty awesome.

Nachos! Win

Literally, death by chocolate with blueberry icing

Fried Rice, Goan issstyle.

Prawn prawn and just prawn. Spiced up and just too godly!

Little Hearts! Favourite pastime!